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What is INFINii DS Domination?

I have to admit it. I’ve thought about selling stuff on Amazon and Ebay, but just never got to the start point. ok, almost…Once…but didn’t actually go through the sign up all the way.

So now a good friend tells me that a two year old company called DS Domination (the DS is for DropShip — I think), has blossomed finally.

Evidently the new company INFINii has been in the plan since the start of DS Domination and now that the company has two years and over two billion in sales under it’s belt, they’ve decided to Launch what they call the Next level of DSD.

It appears the strong offering is training to actually do what I’ve thought about doing, and that’s selling on Amazon. But more than that, they talk about CO-OPs where a certain group of folks, really anyone, decide to pool their money and buy bulk goods from China for cheap and sell them on Amazon as “Fullfilled by Amazon”.

Why should this interest me? I’m into alkaline water and have received many email offers from China based companies trying to sell me Alkaline water pitchers for like $6ea in lots of 100. I’ve seen these types of things for $29 at the cheapest, so yeah — I can see the potential.

I also live completely off the grid so Solar Battery chargers are something I’ve bought a few of on Ebay as backup for emergencies. But that’s been from Americans selling products.

For instance I bought a Morning Star charger on Ebay for $179. but could have bought the same thing without the brand direct from China for $49.

Am I bold enough?

Can I do it?

We’ll see. I’ll keep you posted.

INFINii DS Domination isn’t even live yet and I am already seeing possibilities here.

A Review of INFINii, is it a Legitimate Business Opp?

What is the INFINii Company – an INFINii Review

Drop Ship Domination (aka DS Domination) was basically the child INFINii now growing up and becoming something greater.

DS Domination was basically a Training Company that showed people how to make money on eBay by DROP SHIPPING from suppliers of all sorts.

INFINii has become something more than that.
INFINii now Incorporates AMAZON FBA ( Fulfilled by Amazon) as well as many other pretty substantial tools and opportunities to help make the average Joe (or Jolene) make money through eCommerce on the Internet.

They Have basically three products

PRIME ($49.95mo)
This includes Mentorship in Ebay Drop Shipping, Google and gives you the ability to scan an Item in a store and see if You Could make money on Amazon.

SURGE ($149.95mo)
Both eBay and Amazon selling is made easy with tools like Automation and analytic platforms that help you tweak your business to greater Profits.
Plus you get access to Tier2 Product COOP Opportunities.

EXCEL ($399.99mo)
Everything in the previous two packages plus TRAINING (step by step mentorship) IN AMAZON FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon).
The INFINii SpringBoard which is where INFINii does all the work for you with a .35 cents per unit fee and sell items on their own AMAZON PAGE for you..


Stay tuned – More to come

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